Having worked in several large fine art foundries I soon realized how much of the creative process is lost to a sculptor when they take their work in to a foundry to be cast. This is why I was determined to set up my own foundry. I had already spent many youthful years making sculptures in my bedroom and later in the garage, it was time to have a dedicated space. Now having my separate studio and foundry allows me to influence the making of the sculpture from start to finish. In fact changes can be made to the work at the very final stages and all of this is lost to an artist without the facilities.

I am very interested in the ancient art of bronze casting. In fact my Grandfather was a foreman in a foundry and my Mother grew up in the house attached to the foundry. I feel that sculpture is at it's very essence the manipulation of materials and to be able to work with these materials such as clay, plaster, wax and bronze is indeed a pleasure. My studio is my second home and a place of creative sanctuary and also torment. It brings me great pleasure to have a place where I can evoke a sculpture from my thoughts then onto paper and all the way through to the final patination.